Tying a Broken Arm

Rendering First Aid Services to Manage Crime Rates

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Through many on-screen and off-screen pop culture references by those who are in Hollywood and other entertainment industries in other countries, Canada was able to establish itself as a country with generally peaceful and well-mannered residents. However, this does not mean that the crime rate in the country is non-existent and that the crimes that actually happen on a regular basis are too petty or simple to be harmless. Crime rates are still up and they often cause injuries which require immediate medical attention. This is why knowing how to render or administer first aid services to those who have been victimized are still very important not just for police officers or EMT’s but also for ordinary people who are looking for ways to help.

How deadly are assaults in Canada?

Tying a Broken Arm
Tying a Broken Arm

Even though the crime rates in Canada are slowly declining, there used to be a time wherein assault was one of the leading causes of death in the country. According to Statistics Canada, homicide is responsible for taking the lives of more than 500 Canadians each year. Many of these cases do not die on the spot which means that if immediate first aid service were administered minutes after the incident, there would have been a different outcome for many of these cases. Considering that the number of attempted murder or assault spike up and go back down every now and then, assault may once again be a part of the list of the leading cause of death in the country.

Are violent crimes high?

Aside from assault, other types of violent crimes which can be life-threatening still happen all over Canada. However, some provinces have higher crime rates than the others. Northwest Territories have the highest number of crime severity according to Statistics Canada and is closely followed by Navegantes. On a brighter note, it has been discovered that the rate of violent crimes all over the country are at a constant decline. However, the rates of each province still vary which means that the rate of violent crimes in some provinces may be higher than the others.

Through first aid training, normal people will learn how to save the lives of those who have been victimized on the street or in other places. Students will learn how to properly address bleeding and prevent further bone damage and other fractures which can worsen the condition of the affected individual or even put their lives in danger.

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