Re-Certification Services

Re-Certification Services and Courses

Re-Certification Services and Courses

In order to maintain employment or to stay in a school program many candidates need to maintain first aid and CPR certification for longer than 3 years. Candidates that have previously completed a course and have a certificate that is expiring can renew certification by taking a re-certification course. Re-certification courses are shorter and cheaper than the full course.

The following first aid service providers offer first aid and CPR re-certification courses:

Available First Aid and CPR Re-Certification Providers

  • St Mark James Training
  • Vancouver First Aid Ltd. 
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation

Pre-requisites for this First Aid Service:

In order to be eligible for a red cross re-certification course candidates need to meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must have completed a full course or a renewal course within the past 3 years. If the previous certificate is more than 3 years old then the candidate must re-take the original full course.
  • Candidates must have completed the previous certification course through a credible provider such as St Mark James, Vancouver First Aid Ltd, Heart and Stroke Foundation or St. Johns Ambulance*. On-line course certificates will not be accepted for a St Mark James re-certification course
  • *Participants in Ontario must have completed the previous certification course with a St Mark James provider in Ontario. Participants in Ontario may not take consecutive re-certification classes. 
  • Candidates must have completed the previous course within Canada. Certificates are nationally accredited, not internationally. Candidates that have completed a course outside of Canada must re-take the full course in Canada.

Courses Available for Re-Certification:

Every province in Canada has different workplace requirements and the availability of a re-certification course in your province may vary. Here is a list of some of the re-certification classes available throughout Canada (but not in every province):

  • Standard First Aid, CPR “C” and AED
  • Standard First Aid, CPR “HCP” and AED
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR “A” and AED
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR “B” and AED
  • Emergency First Aid , CPR “C” and AED
  • Stand-alone CPR level “C” and AED
  • Stand-alone Health Care Provider CPR – CPR “HCP” and AED.

Other courses, such as St Mark James child care first aid and CPR courses must be retaken as St Mark James does not provide re-certification courses for its emergency child care first aid program. No providers offer renewal courses for CPR “A” as the original course is already so short and condensed.

Keep your certificates current by attending a re-certification course near you.