Bites and Stings

Red wasp sting

Red wasp or paper wasp usually creates their nests under the attic of houses or in other structures and also in the plants and trees. Only female red wasps sting humans while the males do not have stingers. The female wasp can repeatedly sting a person if their territory is threatened. A single sting of the red wasp can cause ... Read More »

Human bites

Human bites

Human bites might not seem a big issue, but it carries a high risk for infection. A bite from another individual contains a high level of bacteria, even if the wound is a minor one. Always remember that a minor wound can eventually develop an infection. These infections can result to major complications that include joint destruction if not treated ... Read More »

Stingray injury

sting ray

A person may experience a stingray injury from the barb or spine on the tail of a stingray. The barb on the stingray‚Äôs tail may cause a cut or a puncture wound. Some wounds may have the barb stuck in them. Moreover, most barbs contain venom and may leave undesirable effects on the casualty. Stingrays are not aggressive animals; however, ... Read More »