Bleeding Emergencies

Cauliflower ear

Cauliflower ear is also known as auricular hematoma in which the cartilage found in the outer ear is damaged. Boxers and wrestlers are more susceptible to this type of injury, but any blow to the ear can also cause damage and result to cauliflower ear. Repeated trauma to the outer ear can injure the surrounding blood vessels which can result ... Read More »

Proper Blood Transfusion: A Patient’s Guide

Getting a blood transfusion is a necessity in a patient’s life when they are in danger of extreme blood loss. During such emergencies, the patient does not usually have a say on how the procedure will be carried out. This is what makes it important for the patient to have critical information at hand. Below is a guide that offers ... Read More »


The blood is an opaque, rather viscid fluid, of a bright red or scarlet colour when it flows from the arteries, of a dark red or purple colour when it flows from the veins. Blood consists of a faintly yellow fluid, the plasma or liquor sanguinis, in which are suspended numerous minute particles, the blood corpuscles, the majority of which are coloured and give to the ... Read More »

First Aid for Severe Bleeding

severe bleeding

Severe bleeding refers to the heavy blood flow that results in a lot of blood being lost from the body. Severe bleeding may be caused by the body’s natural openings such as the mouth and the nose, or due to external cuts caused by injury or trauma. Internal bleeding occurs due to physical trauma in which the blood vessels are ... Read More »