First Aid Services in Winnipeg

First aid courses and services in Winnipeg
First aid courses and services in Winnipeg

Winnipeg First Aid is the most popular provider of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) programs in Manitoba. Classes are held throughout the week; popular classes are available during the evenings and weekends. Trainees are offered easy and hassle-free enrolment on the Winnipeg First Aid website’s registration form. No other training service provider offers lower prices and more courses with Manitoba workplace-approved certification. Participants looking to renew their certification may also be able to do so by attending re-certification courses.

Click here to visit the Winnipeg First Aid website.

You can also enroll in a training program with Winnipeg First Aid through e-mail, telephone calls, or walk-in during business hours in any of the training centers in Manitoba.

Winnipeg First Aid Contact Information

You can reach the Winnipeg First Aid staff using the information below.

  • Website Address:
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Telephone Number:¬†204-272-8720
  • Main Office:¬†222 Osborne St, Unit 20, R3L1Z3, Winnipeg

There are several training centers in the area but the main facility can be seen on the map below.

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The main facility is easily accessible by public and private transportation. Restaurants, shops, and free parking within walking distance of the center.

First Aid Services Provided

Adult and pediatric bag valve masks
Adult and pediatric bag valve masks used in CPR Level HCP.

This Manitoba-approved provider offers a variety of services in the Winnipeg area including:

  • First aid, CPR, and AED courses
  • Private infant CPR training
  • Mask Fit Testing
  • Food Handling Certification
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training
  • WHMIS Training
  • First Aid Kits and Re-stocking
  • AED’s
  • First aid consulting

Use the contact information provided above to find out more about the services available with this provider.

Training Programs and fees

Winnipeg First Aid offers the cheapest rates for its training classes.¬†Enrolment fees include everything – taxes, certificates, St Mark James registration fees, and use of training manuals and equipment. Students don’t have to worry about additional expenses with Winnipeg First Aid. Should a student drop out of a program and be able to give a 72-hour notice, full refunds are given.

  • Standard childcare first aid, CPR, and AED – 118.99
  • Standard first aid, CPR, and AED – 114.99
  • Emergency first aid, CPR, and AED – 78.99
  • Standard first aid, CPR, and AED re-certification – 67.99
  • Emergency first aid, CPR, and AED re-certification – 58.99
  • CPR level “A”, “C” and “HCP” and AED full course or re-certification – 53.99

Refresher Programs in Winnipeg First Aid

Once the training program is completed, a certificate from St Mark James is awarded to the trainees. The certificate is valid for over 36 months and can only be recertified when it is current. Refresher programs are held twice a week at Winnipeg First Aid for the renewal/recertification of certificates.

Private Training in Winnipeg First Aid

Winnipeg First Aid also offers private instructors for training at home or at company events such as outings and conferences. You can call or send an email to inquire about the hourly rates for private training.

Start your training below!

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