Child and Infant Manikin

First Aid Services Expected of a Babysitter

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Gone are the days when babysitters are only expected to watch children and make sure that the young ones do not get into any accidents or do not sneak out of the house. Nowadays, babysitters are also expected to have the ability to administer first aid services during other medical emergencies aside from accidents such as a sudden asthma or allergy attack. This is why it is advisable for babysitters to take certain first aid courses before accepting any babysitting jobs in order to learn the necessary first aid services. It is also advisable for parents to know what these courses are so that they will know what to look for when it comes to choosing between babysitters. Here are some of the first aid services that are expected of a babysitter.

Caring for Children of Different Ages

Child and Infant Manikin
Child and Infant Manikin

This service is mainly focused on measures which can prevent several medical emergencies such as choking and burns. One of the tasks that are included in this service is choosing the right types of toys that are age-appropriate. This skill is essential to have especially for babysitters who are looking after more than one child at a time since toys can easily get mixed up in this type of scenario. Handling behavior problems is also included in this service. Mishandling behavior problems can lead to self-inflicted injuries and other accidents.

First Aid during Environmental Emergencies

During environmental emergencies, babysitters are expected to prevent and manage illnesses that are caused by natural disasters and calamities. These illnesses include hypothermia, heat stroke and dehydration. Since children have underdeveloped children, they are more prone to these types of illnesses which is why babysitters are expected to know how to manage these medical conditions. Babysitters are also expected to know how to properly transport children to a safer place during natural disasters which can place them away from physical harm or injuries.

First Aid for Poisons

No matter how vigilant a babysitter, guardian or a parent is, cases of accidental poisoning can still happen. From reachable prescription medications and deadly household items, poisoning can be caused by many things. This is why babysitters are expected to know how to manage accidental poisoning aside from knowing how to prevent these types of problems.


When caring for children who should take medications regularly, babysitters are expected to have basic first aid knowledge when it comes to administering medications to ensure that these substances are given correctly.

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