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Rendering First Aid Services to Manage Crime Rates

Tying a Broken Arm

Through many on-screen and off-screen pop culture references by those who are in Hollywood and other entertainment industries in other countries, Canada was able to establish itself as a country with generally peaceful and well-mannered residents. However, this does not mean that the crime rate in the country is non-existent and that the crimes that actually happen on a regular ... Read More »

First Aid Services Expected of a Babysitter

Child and Infant Manikin

Gone are the days when babysitters are only expected to watch children and make sure that the young ones do not get into any accidents or do not sneak out of the house. Nowadays, babysitters are also expected to have the ability to administer first aid services during other medical emergencies aside from accidents such as a sudden asthma or ... Read More »

The Basics of De-escalating Aggression through First Aid Services

Aside from ensuring the physical safety of the individual who is exhibiting aggressive behavior and others who are involved including other rescuers or healthcare providers, the other goal that rescuers need to achieve when handling aggression is to pacify the aggressive individual. This can be done by implementing first aid services basics or principles that can be learned by taking ... Read More »

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