How to handle varicose veins

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Knowing the condition of one’s body is important especially in the management of various conditions. One of the conditions that you must learn to address is the condition of varicose veins. Below is a step by step procedure that will help you manage the condition. In summary, the steps are as follows:
– Get the facts right. This is an important stage because it forms a foundation for the kind of treatment that you will choose, it also prepares you psychologically so that you know what to expect in the course of treatment. What’s more, it enlightens you on some of the complications that may arise as a result.
– Choose your options. Ideally, there are two choices when it comes to the treatment of varicose veins, the choice of using home care to alleviate the condition or to go under the knife for surgical treatment. With the latter, the patient is taken through surgical procedures to either close or totally eliminate the varicose veins. For home care solutions, patients may opt to engage in exercise followed up by wearing compression stockings if there is need to do so. Elevating one’s legs also reduces the pressure on the veins, making the condition more bearable. In some cases, radical measures such as loss of weight will go a long way in managing these types of veins.
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– Before choosing surgery, aim to try home remedies that will help reduce the pain as well as the symptoms of the same. Compression stockings are the first way to go about this. Check to see whether putting your legs in an elevated position will help the condition.
– For those who are concerned about the appearance of their legs, the surgical option is the way to go. The obvious reason for this is that home care remedies do not alter the appearance of your legs. The other advantage of surgery to handle varicose veins is that it helps to reduce inflammation.
One of the downsides of surgical intervention is that often, small

Heat rash is an inflamed or red rash generally located on body parts that are covered by clothing.
Heat rash is an inflamed or red rash generally located on body parts that are covered by clothing.

scars are left on the legs. A number of people, however, will prefer to deal with the scars that result rather than the pain that persists.
How large your varicose veins are will, to a large extent, determine the mode of treatment that is ideal for you. Large veins will typically attract surgical procedures that are less invasive. Small varicose veins on the other hand, will be treated using external laser treatment or minor surgical procedures.
– It is important to note that even with these great procedures, varicose veins may resume after a while. This is a common occurrence, and does not mean that the wrong methods were used. Sometimes, blood will clot in the veins especially with the use of endovenous laser treatment. This risk is further pronounced in individuals who have previously had deep vein thrombosis.
Ultimately, the choice of treatment lies with the patient.

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