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Why Should I Learn CPR?

You might think that in a world where emergency health care is just a phone call away, you wouldn’t need to know CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, but that’s where you’re wrong. It might take the paramedics just five minutes to arrive, but initiating CPR during those five minutes can mean life or death. Wouldn’t you want to be able to ... Read More »

What Should You Know About Your Blood Pressure Readings?

Blood pressure readings are an integral part of one’s health, and when this is ignored, it almost always results in fatalities. This is what makes it very important for individuals to have an understanding of what blood pressure entails as well as some of the terms that are used for the same. This article highlights what you should know alongside ... Read More »

Proper Blood Transfusion: A Patient’s Guide

Getting a blood transfusion is a necessity in a patient’s life when they are in danger of extreme blood loss. During such emergencies, the patient does not usually have a say on how the procedure will be carried out. This is what makes it important for the patient to have critical information at hand. Below is a guide that offers ... Read More »

Dry Mouth Treatment

Dry mouth is a condition that can be developed by any individual. It is not attributed to any physical activity that is mouth related. The mouth needs saliva to help it in a number of functions. It is the saliva that moistens the mouth, help in digestion and also reduce infections through suppression of bacterial growth in the mouth. The ... Read More »

How to handle varicose veins


Knowing the condition of one’s body is important especially in the management of various conditions. One of the conditions that you must learn to address is the condition of varicose veins. Below is a step by step procedure that will help you manage the condition. In summary, the steps are as follows: – Get the facts right. This is an ... Read More »

How To Deal With A Head Concussion

Cauliflower ear

The human head is incapable of sustaining hard blows from incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, falls and blows from blunt objects. A head concussion is one of the most frequently reported injuries to the head. In most cases, the condition is temporary and usually resolves without causing severe damage. However, concussions can also lead to serious complications ... Read More »

Pulmonary Contusion: Symptoms, Causes and Management

Pulmonary Contusion

Pulmonary contusion is the bleeding or bruising of the lung tissue that usually results from a blunt trauma to the chest, leading to pain and trouble breathing. Pulmonary contusion is the bleeding or bruising of the lung tissue. This is usually caused by a blunt trauma to the chest, typically leading to pain and trouble breathing. The force from the ... Read More »

Tips for using AEDs


Automated electronic defibrillators are useful first aid gadgets. As the name implies, these health care supplies use automated working mechanisms. They are advancements from earlier manual defibrillators. The primary role of an AED is to prevent a patient from going into cardiac arrest. Some advanced models come with air bags to help patients who are suffering from airway problems. In ... Read More »

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