What Triggers Asthma?

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Overview Of Asthma

  • Asthma is activated by a range of things. Some individuals will have a lot of triggers, while some might only respond to one or two items.
  • Write down when you or your kid gets asthma. This might help you to detect what the triggers are.
  • Some asthma triggers are easier to escape than others.

Flu and Colds

  • The most frequent trigger for asthma in kids is a flu or cold.
  • These are more common in wintertime and are hard to escape. If your child shows signs of asthma with a cold, monitor your asthma action plan.


Some asthma triggers are easier to escape than others
Some asthma triggers are easier to escape than others
  • Young kids who inhale the cigarette smoke of individuals around them have a greater risk of wheeziness and experiencing an asthma attack.
  • Contact to cigarette smoke can also cause kids to be more likely to get asthma than if they had not been exposed to smoke.
  • Smoking while pregnant can affect the lungs and magnifies the danger of the child getting asthma.

Play and Exercises

  • Exercise and play are fit activities and should be done.
  • If exercise is an identified trigger, you must use your blue inhaler about 10 minutes before doing any exercises.

Changes in the Weather

  • Damp weather or breathing in icy air might trigger asthma symptoms.


  • Allergies takes place when your immune system responds to certain substances, like food, mold, dust, pollen, grass and pets.
  • An allergen is an element which produces the allergic reaction.
  • Chat to your GP if you think you need an allergy test.

Dust Mites

  • Dust mites survive in carpets and furniture.
  • You can decrease their affects by cleaning the sheets in warm water every week, damp wiping and getting rid of soft toys that are lying near the bed.

Pollens and Grasses

  • Allergic reactions to pollen and grass generally end in symptoms of hay fever such as an inflamed or runny nose and red scratchy eyes.

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