Helping Someone With A Seizure

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Overview Of Seizures

  • If you see somebody who is having a seizure, remain composed.
  • Even though seizures seem to carry on for a long time, they generally do not last for more than 2 minutes.
  • If you can, try to time the seizure. If the seizure continues for more than 3 minutes or the individual seizing is expecting a baby, phone for an ambulance straight away.
  • A seizure can be frightening to see, particularly if you’ve never watched one before. A seizure briefly restricts muscle control, language, movement, vision, or consciousness. It might cause an individual’s entire body to quiver violently and he or she might lose consciousness.
  • Seizures can be minor or severe, and they affect individuals differently. Even though you might feel useless around somebody who is having a seizure and find it hard to watch, there are several methods you can apply to assist.

Providing Assistance During A Seizure

  • Safeguard the individual from injury. Make sure they don’t fall, or try to guide the individual gradually to the floor. Try to shift furniture or other items that can hurt the person during the seizure. If the individual is experiencing a seizure and is on the floor when you get there, try to place the individual on his or her side so that any bodily fluids can drip out of the mouth. But be cautious not to apply too much pressure on the body.
  • Do not place anything, such as your fingers, into the individual’s mouth. Placing something in the individual’s mouth might lead to further injuries, such as a chipped tooth or a cracked jaw. You might also get bitten.
  • Do not attempt to grip or shift the person while they are having a seizure. This can lead to injury, such as a displaced shoulder.

Assistance After A Seizure

  • Examine the individual for injuries.
  • If you can’t move the individual onto their side while the seizure is taking place, do so when the seizure stops and the individual is more comfortable.

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