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Dry mouth is a condition that can be developed by any individual. It is not attributed to any physical activity that is mouth related. The mouth needs saliva to help it in a number of functions. It is the saliva that moistens the mouth, help in digestion and also reduce infections through suppression of bacterial growth in the mouth. The absence of adequate saliva in the mouth causes uncomfortable dryness. However, there are a number of treatments that are effective enough in eradicating dry mouth.
Treatment of dry mouth.
The established methods of treatment to dry mouth are normally targeted at the causative factors of the situation. This implies that dry mouth can be caused by a number of different factors, all of which need to be addressed independently to succeed in treating dry mouth. The treatment has however been simplified to focus on three important areas that will ensure that all causative factors are addressed.
[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj2cqEzTXhM” width=”220″] • The first step needs to address the underlying issues to dry mouth.
Medication can in a number of times be the root cause of dry mouth. The dry mouth therefore arises as a side effect of the said medication. The doctor in charge will therefore be obliged to change medication and let the patient use other kinds that do not come with such side effects. Other than trying a different kind of medication, the doctor may also consider readjusting the dosage of the patient so as to lower the dry mouth side effect. Some medication methods like chemotherapy and radiation have the chances of ruining the production by completely damaging the glands. If this is the case, the treatment should focus on ensuring saliva production
• The treatment also needs to address and prevent tooth decay.
Other than providing the vital lubrication during the process of chewing and swallowing of food, saliva also plays the role of cleansing the mouth. Dry mouth therefore increases the chances of bacteria developing in the mouth. When bacteria form in the mouth, they will attack the teeth thereby causing tooth decay. Saliva ensures no tooth decay by eliminating the bacteria. An individual who suffers from dry mouth will have to complement the saliva by engaging in good oral health habits. He has to regularly brush his teeth using fluoride containing toothpastes. He has to engage in flossing of the teeth each day and get to visit the dentist every six months.
• Increasing of the saliva quantity in the mouth.
With dry mouth, many dentists or doctors will encourage the use of artificial saliva in lace of the real saliva that is in short supply. The products of this kind can be easily acquired at the local drug store. There are also in existence, moisturizing gels, toothpastes and mouth washes that are specifically made to help with dry mouth. One can also get prescription for saliva producing medications.
Treatment of dry mouth.
Hydration. One will be required to take in a lot of fluids to ensure that the body stays dehydrated. Drinking of water will ensure that the mouth stays moist and the mucus is loosened. People are are encouraged to pack water and carry it with them so that they can get to drink at regular intervals within the day.
Candy. It is encouraged to chew on sugar free candy when one is experiencing dry mouth. The chewing will help with stimulating saliva production. Sugar free candy is encouraged as it has less tooth damaging potential as compared to sugar candy.
Moist food. One should make a point of including in their diet, foods that contain a little bit of fluids in the form of broths, soups, creams, gravy and sauces.
Alcohol free mouth wash. When using mouth wash, it is important that one avoids the use of the kinds of mouth wash that do contain alcohol. The alcohol in this case will only increase the chances of getting dry mouth.
Salty foods, foods with high sugar contents, caffeine or alcoholic drinks are all causative factors of dry mouth and should be avoided or taken in moderation.

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