Home Remedies And First Aid For Minor Burns

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Home remedies for burns, particularly those made from hot water and oil must be managed quickly. Here are some home remedies that offer relief for burns.


Honey is a popular home remedy used for burns and layering the burns with honey produces less damage and scarring. Unprocessed honey has brilliant antibacterial and therapeutic properties.

Diluted Vinegar

A great and widely accessible family first-aid item for managing and relieving burns is diluted vinegar. Shield the burn region with a rag saturated in diluted vinegar. Place the rag back in the vinegar solution as often as required, particularly if the pain gets unbearable.

Aloe Vera

Home remedies for burns
Home remedies for burns

The aloe vera plant is a top alternative for curing and relieving burns. Directly smear aloe vera lotion on the burn. Its calming and refreshing properties will assist to cool the burned region. Given that the dynamic ingredient (known as acemannen) breaks down rapidly, leaf fillets within the aloe vera is much preferred. Fresh aloe vera rapidly relieves aching burns and often restores severe burns with little or no damage.

Diluted Lavender Oil

This oil is also identified to help decrease pain caused form burns. A mixture of aloe vera lotion, vitamin C, vitamin E and lavender oil can work as an excellent ointment that can be placed on the burned region throughout the day.

Banana Peels

Occasionally, placing a banana peel on the burned region of the skin until it turns black has proved valuable for burn injuries.


Yogurt also makes an individual feel healthier but you should delay for at least half an hour before placing this on the skin. Wiping olive oil also helps to decrease pain.

These are simple survival guidelines for slight or minor burns. Severe burns should be managed by your doctor.

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