How To Prevent Dehydration

Overview Of Dehydration Dehydration takes place when your body displaces too much liquid. This can occur when you don’t consume water or misplace large quantities of fluid through diarrhea, nausea, perspiring, or exercise. Not consuming sufficient liquids can cause muscle spasms. You might feel weak. You might go into shock, which is a severe medical condition. Dehydration In Infants And Kids ... Read More »

Heat-related Illness: Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is the second category of the three-part spectrum of heat-related illnesses. It begins as heat cramps, but if left untreated, it progresses to heat exhaustion, and ultimately, the most serious and life-threatening of all, heatstroke. Heat cramps occurs when the body overheats but when it does not cool down, it may lead to heat exhaustion. When one is ... Read More »

What You Must Know About Bursitis

Blood loss can take place in almost any part of the body. Usually, internal bleeding takes place when blood escapes out through a damaged blood vessel.

Overview of Bursitis Wherever the ligaments, tendons and bones shift against each other, mainly near joints, tiny fluid-filled pods known as bursae protect the points from contact. Bursitis is the swelling of a bursa, and is generally caused when the joint is overused, or when a joint is under strain or pressure for extensive periods of time. What Causes Bursitis? ... Read More »

Helping Someone With A Seizure

Overview Of Seizures If you see somebody who is having a seizure, remain composed. Even though seizures seem to carry on for a long time, they generally do not last for more than 2 minutes. If you can, try to time the seizure. If the seizure continues for more than 3 minutes or the individual seizing is expecting a baby, phone for an ... Read More »

How To Treat Shock

Overview Of Shock Shock takes place when the circulation system within your body fails to transmit blood to all the other vital organs. With shock, the flow of blood is too low to meet the demands of the body. Vital areas of the body are deprived of oxygen. This results in damage to the limbs, brain, heart, and lungs. Loss of blood ... Read More »

What Triggers Asthma?

Overview Of Asthma Asthma is activated by a range of things. Some individuals will have a lot of triggers, while some might only respond to one or two items. Write down when you or your kid gets asthma. This might help you to detect what the triggers are. Some asthma triggers are easier to escape than others. Flu and Colds ... Read More »

How To Treat A Spinal Cord Injury

Overview Of A Spinal Cord Injury A spinal cord injury is a severe type of physical pain. It will likely have a long-lasting and major impact on a person’s everyday life. The spinal cord is accountable for conveying messages from the brain to all sections of the body, and then from the body back to the brain. We are able ... Read More »

Treating The Common Causes Of Fainting

Overview Of Fainting Fainting takes place when there is a decreased flow of blood to the brain. A person may also experience a fainting spell which is generally short-lived and not dangerous. It might or might not point to a severe underlying issue. A medical expert will be able to advise you. Common Causes Of Fainting When a person is feeling ... Read More »

First Aid Management for Chemical Burns

Shoulder tendonitis

When strong acids, strong bases or other corrosive substances meet the living tissue of the body, chemical burns occur. The main types of corrosive products are acids, bases, oxidizers, solvents and reducing agents. Products commonly used at home, such as bleach, metal cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, concrete mix and pool chlorinators may also result to chemical burns when not handled ... Read More »

Home Remedies And First Aid For Minor Burns

Home remedies for burns, particularly those made from hot water and oil must be managed quickly. Here are some home remedies that offer relief for burns. Honey Honey is a popular home remedy used for burns and layering the burns with honey produces less damage and scarring. Unprocessed honey has brilliant antibacterial and therapeutic properties. Diluted Vinegar A great and ... Read More »

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