Five Survival Skills You Should Know

Survival Skills You Should Know

Surviving in the outdoors can be really tough. But there are actually five essential skills that you need to know to survive in the wild: Don’t panic. If you are in a life-or-death situation, it is just normal to get scared or panicked. However, it is important to channel these emotions into action. Mental preparedness is essential to survival. You ... Read More »

Abdominal Injuries: What Is Evisceration?

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In some cases, open wounds of the abdomen are so large and deep that intestinal organs protrude through the wound. This emergency is called evisceration. Evisceration can occur as a result of severe injuries to the abdomen. It is more common in an individual who has undergone abdominal surgery. Abdominal organs such as the intestines can protrude through the outer ... Read More »

Ethical Conflicts in Emergency Care

Ethical Conflicts

Ethical conflicts arise in disaster management which can present a disparity between the resources of the health care agency and the needs of the victims. This in turn generates ethical dilemmas for the medical staff and members of the emergency department and allied medical personnel in the care of their patients. One of the following reasons why ethical conflicts exist ... Read More »

Why Emergency Action Plans Are Essential?


Developing policies and procedures aimed at preventing or reducing the risk of injury is just one part of risk management. Regardless of the amount of time you spend crafting and implementing these protocols, action remains the key to responding properly in an emergency. A critical piece of the puzzle is the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). This plan outlines the procedures ... Read More »

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